Click above to visit Living Classroom @ Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and River Safari

How do different animals build their homes? What is the role of biodiversity in an ecosystem? How are hatchlings cared for in an avian hospital? All these and more are part of the 'WRS Living Classrooms', where learning transcends the four walls and delves into the great expanse of Mother Nature!


'Living Classrooms' comprises a dynamic and exciting mélange of interactive in-park activities such as enrichment programmes, interdisciplinary trails, overnight camps and behind-the-scenes-tours that enlivens the learning experience for both teachers and students from pre-school to secondary levels. Our diverse array of lessons and activities are set within the remarkable settings of the Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Zoo to enthuse students about wildlife and the natural world that surrounds us.

Students come face to face with the fragility of the environment and at the same time witness all its wonders. Led by our education team, the whole and half-day visits and programmes are aimed at encouraging curiosity and discovery through numerous hands-on and minds-on activities.

Furthermore, with its rich collection of educational resources and customised curricula, 'Living Classrooms' doubles up as an opportunity for teachers to augment their lessons and guide students through active learning. Worksheets for various grades, team building retreats and teacher's training workshops are all part of the Living Classrooms' spectrum of teaching tools.

An avenue to engage the senses, imagination and creativity, 'Living Classrooms' takes everyone on a learning journey that highlights the interdependency of nature's inhabitants and the significance of appreciating them.